Space Flea - Starship scale 1:35 ( WIP) 2°part

Space Flea - Starship scale 1:35

Another small step: I connected the two side cheeks and sealed with Magic Sculp, the various spaces were first filled with plasticard.
I started creating surface panels on the two gondolas, these will be further filled with small details.
I started to create the front pod with the group of instruments and antennas (many still to be inserted) a space was deliberately left between the nose of the ship and the instrument cluster to allow the insertion of visible cables, which always look so much! Finally I built and temporarily moved the two gravitational rudders on the tips of the two gondolas.

Stay tuned to the next step!!

Space Flea - Starship scale 1:35      Space Flea - Starship scale 1:35Space Flea - Starship scale 1:35
Space Flea - Starship scale 1:35Space Flea - Starship scale 1:35Space Flea - Starship scale 1:35

Space Flea - Starship scale 1:35Space Flea - Starship scale 1:35Space Flea - Starship scale 1:35


Space Flea - Starship scale 1:35 ( WIP)

Start a new project, the base is a resin garage kit (produced in the past by me). I'd likes to make it evolve into something more engineered.
Another small step. I started to modify the fuselage to accommodate the new canopy, its the front part and the rear part, using the Magic Sculpt, then a small pass of primer to see the imperfections. 


XM-01 Den'an Zon scala 1/100 (serie Gundam F-91)

The XM-01 Den'an Zon is a mobile suit that appears in the anime movie Mobile Suit Gundam F91, the manga series Mobile Suit Gundam F91 Silhouette Formula, and the manga series Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam.
The kit is a very old type, from year 1991! 
The following kit was built by me during the "NKGC Turbocontest" competition in 3 weeks, the time allowed to complete its model. NKGC



Spaceship Kepler 1:2000 DIY - start the print!

After making the 3D draft, it's time to print the pieces!
Like a huge skewer, the various elements are crossed by a square section that allows the whole to be strengthened and at the same time automatically allows the perfect alignment of the elements.
As a matter of speed the printing was set with a frame thickness of 0.3 mm, even if the printing time remains very high, the printing time varies from 2 hours to 9 hours depending on the particular.
After having printed all the main pieces, it will be time to work the surfaces (sandpaper and putty)  to eliminate the typical steps that are formed with this type of printing.

Stay tuned people

Dopo la realizzazione della bozza 3D è ora di stampare i pezzi!
Come un enorme spiedino i vari elementi sono attraversati da un profilato di sezione quadrata che permette di dare maggiore robustezza all'insieme e contemporaneamente permette automaticamente il perfetto allineamento degli elementi.
Per una questione di velocità la stampa è stata settata con uno spessore di frame di 0,3 mm, anche se il tempo di stampa rimane altissimo, il tempo di stampa varia delle 2 ore alle 9 ore in base al particolare.
Successivamente aver stampato tutti i pezzi principali sarà la volta di lavorare le superfici (carta vetrata e stucco ) per eliminare i tipici gradini che si formano con questo tipo di stampa.

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