TWISTER 1/35 New Project

As the saying goes ..... who begins well ishalf the battle!
Here in the last year and the first hour of this I started their hands on a new project that will follow in the intermediate times of Wipeout "Beholder Team " it is currently doing the makeup with putty and different sanding.... but you know it is a piece that will serve as the master must be theperfect as possible and to make copies.

The new project will be named "Twister", what you see just sketched (they could still change many things) it is "wheels" version but I thought the opportunity to give an alternative to magnetic levitation systems .... say then that will have a greater integration level of the subject in different location .
However, it is little idea but.... I was very tickled! Wheels may not be the final! It lacks a significant amount of superstructure ..... just only 3 hours of work.