Wipeout "Beholder team"

And now the model....

Many of you will know the famous racing game Wipeout wild, racing cars aircraft suspended several feet from the ground through an anti-gravity suspension system ...... so why not make a model ??....
..... In the various series of this game have followed many types of vehicles, I wanted to add a me too, of course, is always based on Wipeout style, the color is obviously essential in this subject!
Everything is born of an old toy car for my son who drew much the center of this type of rocket car, the need to wait for the dead time between work and the other other models .... and this is born
Wipeout " Beholder "
The model just mentioned, missing a host of accessories and it is only 30% of the work, but the core idea is the least you can appreciate the final look.
The color? ... Maybe a orange shaded to white with a host of sponsors and a big number race!

My project is to create a master template to create copies they can sell to fans.....would be my dream.

Who is interested a future copies of these kit, please contact me at:
will be updated when the resin copies will be available.